Rick and Morty Season 6 Shares Promo for Episode 3

Rick And Morty's sixth season really hit the ground floor running on Adult Swim, with the premiere exploring multiverse elements that will change the Smith's family future forever. With the second episode focusing on Summer Smith performing a "Die Hard" to save her grandfather and her brother, a new preview has arrived showing what's to come for the Smiths in episode three. Lo and behold, the Smiths are celebrating Thanksgiving and have a surprising guest at the table in this new preview that you can check out now.

"Space Beth" has been an interesting wrinkle added into the Adult Swim series, with Rick creating a clone of his daughter and purposefully making sure that both himself and the family, don't know which of the two Beths is the real deal. Premiering in the season four finale, this version of the mother of the Smiths has been bouncing around the universe, following in her father's footsteps as she attempts to save the galaxy while learning about wild technology. While the answer of which Beth is the real version has yet to be answered, it's clear, from this preview, that "Space Beth" is here to stay when it comes to the future of Rick And Morty

Adult Swim released the two-minute long preview for the third episode of season six via its Official Youtube Channel, not only giving us Jerry's awkward Thanksgiving toast but also once again transforming Rick Sanchez into a turkey while revealing that Morty has laid claim to a wild new video game system:

While several interesting foils have been added in the first two episodes of season six, perhaps the biggest has been the return of "Prime Rick", a version of the mad scientist who has a serious ax to grind with the Rick that viewers have come to know. Returning to the "Cronenberg universe", Prime Rick took no issue in killing the version of Jerry there that had become something of a survivalist in the harsh landscape and is gunning for revenge against our Rick. How Prime Rick will play into the rest of the season is yet unknown though it certainly seems as though the Smith Family has some rough roads ahead of them.

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