Rick And Morty Cosplay Gets Spooky With Scary Terry

Rick And Morty is easily one of the most popular animated series to land via Cartoon Network's [...]

Rick And Morty is easily one of the most popular animated series to land via Cartoon Network's programming block, Adult Swim, and the show is prepping for the arrival of its fifth season, with a gaggle of fans deciding to show their approval of the series via some spooky Cosplay. With the second episode of the series, Lawnmower Dog, focusing on the grandfather/grandson team venturing through the land of dreams, they run into a character who is quite similar to a certain slasher villain made famous in the film series created by Wes Craven, A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Scary Terry was a hilarious analog for Freddy Krueger, having knives on all of his hands rather than simply one of them as the slasher of the boiler room had. Though he was originally trying to kill both Morty and Rick as they ventured deeper into the world of dreams, they were able to dive into the killer's dreams and fix his family life, which would eventually help them escape their current predicament. Though Terry hasn't appeared in the series following his initial introduction, the scientist and high schooler have certainly gone through a number of scary situations as they bounce through adventures across the galaxy.

Instagram Cosplayer Kittys Cosplay 94 shared this ensemble piece in which Rick and Morty are being stalked by Terry, with the hilarious burnt slasher clearly having left an impression on fans of the series long after his introduction to the Adult Swim series:

There has yet to be a release date revealed for the fifth season of Rick And Morty, but the creative minds behind the series have stated that they are hard at work in bringing it to life. Based on the popularity of the surreal series, it's definitely no surprise to see that future seasons have already been confirmed by the network, with the writers already hinting that they are at work in putting together season seven. Needless to say, it definitely seems like the Adult Swim show has a big future on the cable channel.

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