Rick and Morty Say Goodbye to 2020

Everyone is looking forward to the end of 2020, and that's no different when it comes to Rick and Morty. The characters from the hit Adult Swim series returned for a new promo highlighting the end of the New Year. The clip basically runs through all of Rick's reactions to the year 2020, which has been backed with no shortage of bad news, depressing events, and tumultuous circumstances that have affected everyone on the planet. And Rick, ever the pessimist, is the correct vessel for us to channel our energies through, looking back on this trash fire of a year.

Check out the clip from Adult Swim below!

While it seems like seasons of Rick and Morty are sporadic and rare, the series did return for the second half of Season 4 in 2020. They even joked about the economic crisis caused by COVID-19 in the episode "Never Ricking Morty," taking place on a Story Train that is later explained to be a merchandising tie-in for a product that doesn't actually exist.

Fans are eager to find out more about the new season of Rick and Morty, which may or may not be released in 2021 — who knows?! But the show runners Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon insist that they've nailed the working process for Rick and Morty, promising that the delays between seasons would not be as long as in previous years even in the midst of the pandemic.


"We were certainly not already doing it the way we’re doing it now, definitely more than our friends in live-action we were able to make a transition. During this time Rick and Morty was already anticipating a shutdown and we were able to because it’s digital,” Harmon said at Paley Fest earlier this year. “I have survivor’s guilt. I like working this way. I can do it in my underwear and I always wanted to do it in my underwear, but the storyboard artists and the sound engineers have to put a little more time and effort. That keeps me from being jubilant about the whole thing. Everything always trickles down to labor and it sucks you don’t want to go ‘this is great creatively.’ We’re more on schedule than we’ve ever been. You have to have a remote bee colony so the honey is made more consistently.”

Hopefully we get to learn more about Rick and Morty Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, and beyond, as we get into the new year. The new season does not yet have a release date on Adult Swim.