Global Rick and Morty Day Announced Ahead of Season 5 Premiere

Rick and Morty is not far from its big season five premiere, and the fandom is gearing up for [...]

Rick and Morty is not far from its big season five premiere, and the fandom is gearing up for what's coming. As you can imagine, the hype surrounding the show is at a high, and HBO Max is eager to bring the show into the limelight with Adult Swim now. This means Global Rick and Morty Day is a go, and it will include tons of fun activities for fans.

The big day will go down on Sunday, June 20. Rick and Morty went on to tease what fans can expect from the event in a new press release, and it will keep netizens on their toes ahead of season five's debut.

"The premiere will feature special surprises, fun moments, and celebrations, as the mind-bending event kicks off the global premieres of Rick and Morty's highly anticipated fifth season," the announcement reads.

rick morty day
(Photo: HBO Max)

"For the first time ever, Adult Swim will premiere the first episode from space by launching Rick's Space Cruiser 150,000 ft into the atmosphere. Fans from around the world can Go Rick Yourself (#GoRickYourself) and become part of the series by creating a personalized Rick and Morty avatar, and then create custom t-shirts (US and Mexico only) to commemorate the new season."

The special event will also bring a set of curated Rick and Morty episodes to fans. HBO Max will host the playlists as season five comes into focus. These lists will go live on June 14, and they will be selected by the creators of the hit animated comedy.

If you want to know more about Rick and Morty ahead of season five, you can find its first seasons over on HBO Max. You can find its official synopsis below:

"The half-hour animated Adult Swim hit comedy series follows a sociopathic genius scientist who drags his inherently timid grandson on insanely dangerous adventures across the universe. Rick Sanchez is living with his daughter Beth's family and constantly bringing her, his son-in-law Jerry, granddaughter Summer, and grandson Morty into intergalactic escapades."

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