Rick and Morty Exec Says a Movie Will Happen

Rick and Morty is one of the biggest animated shows on television, and its fandom is only growing. As season five prepares to make its debut, all eyes are on Rick Sanchez as the mad scientist prepares for his next round of wild adventures. And now, a new report suggests the Rick and Morty team is keen on bringing a movie to the franchise.

The conversation was made public when Metro UK was able to speak with the executive team on Rick and Morty. The British tabloid was game to talk about season five ahead of its domestic debut, and it was there producer Scott Marder said he thinks a movie will happen at some point.

Rick And Morty Cosplay Makeup
(Photo: Cartoon Network)

"It'd be daunting, I wouldn't be shocked if there was one that comes down the pipe one day," the producer explained. "I feel like every episode is a movie. I'd like to see what a movie would be, I feel like we pack so much in. It'd have to be pretty epic."

Continuing, writer Spencer Grammer said the movie would have to be a big affair. He said a Rick and Morty movie would need to be a true spectacle involving "something so big - like a 3D interactive movie that also has a theme park" because you can't do it small. This led Marder to make a final note as he gave his support.

"I think it will happen," he said. "I do think it will happen."

At this point, there are no official plans to bring Rick and Morty to the big screen, but that is fine. The team has been plenty busy working on the actual show. Rick and Morty got a massive 70-episode commission back in 2018, so that takes it into season seven. This means a movie is off the table for now, but never discount the Rick and Morty team when it comes to wild projects.

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