Rick and Morty Reveals Bummer Look Into Jerry's Past

Rick and Morty has surprisingly been exploring some new sides to Jerry with its first few episodes of Season 6 so far, and the newest episode of the series has taken this further with a pretty bummer look into his early life with Beth. Jerry and Beth's relationship has been one of the core facets of the series since it began as the two of them have been evolving away from one another while still realizing how important their connection could be. As for Jerry, much of that connection comes from his willing submissiveness to his more dominant partner's personality.

That was put at the forefront of the newest episode as when Beth and Space Beth begin to form an intimate and physical connection with one another, Jerry's response to it is what is the biggest surprise overall. When he finds out about their affair, Jerry flashes back to a moment in his past when he's told by his friend to avoid Beth Sanchez because she would "tear [him] apart." His response to that is a little sad as he would be "happy" to be torn apart by her. Given what we know about their pairing overall, it's just another tragic tale for Jerry.

(Photo: Adult Swim)

It's been explained before that part of the various' Ricks plans within the Central Finite Curve is to manufacture grandsons by pushing Jerry and Beth together in various different ways. This always clouded the nature of their relationship overall as the two of them already felt trapped by one another, with Jerry bringing Beth down even more as over the years he's become far more emotionally reliant on her to keep himself afloat. He thinks so little of himself that being with someone as notably dangerous as Beth is fine because the act of getting emotionally ripped apart by her is something he desires. 

That all comes to a head as the episode comes to an end too as the two Beths realize that Jerry not only wants to keep this submissive role in their relationship going, but is ultimately excited by it. It's his small way of taking control with what little bit of self respect and even power that he might have at his disposal, and it seems like he has felt that way about himself for quite a while. 

It's the kind of exploration we've been getting for Jerry in Season 6 so far, and thus it makes for a quite exciting prospect to see what we can get in the rest of the season to come. But how do you feel about these deeper looks at Jerry lately? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!