Rick and Morty Co-Creator Addresses Possibly Seeing More Space Beth in Season 5

Rick And Morty's fourth season came to an end by exploring the surreal idea of Rick Sanchez [...]

Rick And Morty's fourth season came to an end by exploring the surreal idea of Rick Sanchez cloning his daughter and trying to confirm which version of Beth was the "real one," and while the latest episode gave us another brief appearance from the galaxy hopping matriarch of the Smith family, creator Dan Harmon sat down for an interview in which he discusses her potential influence on the latest season. Though we never discovered exactly which Beth was the true Beth, it's clear that Space Beth will continue playing some role in the roster of crazy characters in the Adult Swim juggernaut.

The two Beths don't exactly have great feelings toward their mad scientist father, with Rick often bringing nothing but pain to his family thanks to his insane adventures that take place throughout space and time. With the latest episode of the series exploring the idea of "decoy families" that Rick created in order to spare their lives from an incoming attack from his long list of enemies, the Smith family will definitely have more than a few surreal adventures to pad out the rest of Season Five, with the next episode already releasing a preview that involves a female version of Captain Planet.

Dan Harmon went into detail about the possibility of Space Beth appearing further in this latest season via an interview with Variety, following her recent appearance in the final moments of the recent episode:

"I believe that Season 5 doesn't see very much of the space Beth versus domestic Beth kind of concept, but I also get a little tripped up when we're writing Season 7, editing Season 6 and sound mixing on Season 5. Season 5 there's a little break from that, which may or may not have been intentional. And then if that's true, Season 6 sees a season of pickup in that. But, as far as macro canonical stuff, there's a big to-do in the Season 5. I won't say if it's middle, beginning or end of the season. But we went there."

The fifth season has been a major hit among fans so far, and with previews showing that the Smith Family will be poking fun at the likes of Voltron and Hellraiser, there is still plenty to look forward to.

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Via Variety