Rick and Morty Is Taking Over Highways with Some Epic Cars

Rick And Morty's Fifth Season arrived earlier this week, introducing us to Rick's nemesis Mr. [...]

Rick And Morty's Fifth Season arrived earlier this week, introducing us to Rick's nemesis Mr. Nimbus while also pitting Morty against an entire planet that had a singular goal of ending his life, and some hardcore fans have customized their cars to honor the grandfather/grandson team that has returned to Adult Swim. With the popular Cartoon Network series taking over Wendy's restaurants by adding unique sodas, while also transforming a Wendy's establishment in California that had cars stretched around the block, it's clear that the Smith family and their fans are trying their best to promote their new adventures.

Mr. Nimbus hit the scene in the season five premiere following an adventure gone wrong for Rick and Morty, with the latter attempting to save both their lives by flying their spaceship into the ocean, unleashing the hilarious faux-Namor on their lives. While the encounter between the king of the ocean and the grandfather of the Smith Clan didn't result in a life or death battle, it did give viewers some additional insight into the past of Rick Sanchez. Though Morty missed his shot with Jessica once again thanks to the alternate reality shenanigans, it's clear that this fifth season is going to dive into new territory for all the players of the series.

Twitter User SW Monty shared this hilariously impressive custom paint-job that honors Rick And Morty by strategically placing the grandfather and grandson team on the back of the vehicle, with the tail lights replacing the protagonists' eyes:

The trailers for the fifth season of Rick And Morty has shown fans that Marvel's King of the Seas isn't the only thing that the series will be making fun of, with the likes of Hellraiser and Voltron also receiving some hilarious nods. While Season Five is the latest entry into the world of the Smith family, it is far from the last as more seasons and episodes of the popular Adult Swim series have already been confirmed, proving that the adventures of Rick And Morty are from over.

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