Sailor Moon Cosmos Movie Shares New Poster

Sailor Moon will be back on the big screen soon, and we just got a new look at the comeback. After all, all of the guardians are gearing up for a big battle with the galaxy's worst villain. Now, a new poster is live teasing the vixen's debut, and Usagi is standing front and center to take down the threat.

As you can see below, the latest poster for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos – The Movie is here, and it is gorgeous. The pastel visual highlights Usagi in the front as we see her in a gorgeous scout suit. With her twin tails pulled high, the guardian looks ready for battle, and that is good considering Sailor Galaxia is looming overhead.

Yes, the big baddie is making her way to the big screen in this movie, and Sailor Moon Cosmos promises to explore their awful origin. Manga readers already know the terrible truth behind Galaxia, and all our guardians are about to learn as much in the anime. The story will kick off June 9th in Japan when this film's first half hits theaters, and part two will go live on June 30th.

Of course, fans will want to catch up on Sailor Moon and all its previous arcs before checking out this movie. Right now, the original anime and its reboot are streaming on Hulu as well as Crunchyroll. For more info on the hit series, you can find its official synopsis below:

"Usagi Tsukino is a cheerful schoolgirl who often finds herself in unwanted trouble. One day, she saves a talking cat named Luna who gives Usagi a brooch that transforms her into Sailor Moon, guardian of love and justice!"

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