Sailor Moon Eternal Movie Teases Anime Continuation

The newest Sailor Moon Eternal movie ended with a tease of the anime's continuation with a new [...]

The newest Sailor Moon Eternal movie ended with a tease of the anime's continuation with a new project! After much waiting, the second half of Toei Animation and Studio DEEN's two-film Sailor Moon Eternal project has finally debuted in theaters in Japan. Jumping off of the Sailor Moon Crystal revival anime series, this two film project took the place of a potential fourth season of the anime series. Adapting the Dead Moon arc of Naoko Takeuchi's original manga series, this also means there's still one more arc still left on the table following this revival.

That's why the end of Sailor Moon Eternal's second film is so enticing as it comes to an end with a mysterious "To Be Continued," teasing the next major anime project for the franchise. According to a new report from Oricon News (h/t Crunchyroll), an official continuation for the anime in either movie or TV series as yet to be confirmed. But the cast was asked about whether or not they would like to come back.

Sailor Moon Eternal Movie Part 2 Visual
(Photo: Toei Animation / Studio DEEN)

Usagi Tsukino actress Kotono Mitsuishi was asked about the mysterious "To Be Continued" teaser, and while she did not comment on whether or not the films would actually continue with another film project, she did note that there is one final arc that goes beyond the arcs covered by the original series and two films. As for whether or not she would return, she would like it done "as soon as possible."

An official announcement for the future of the Sailor Moon anime has yet to be confirmed, but Sailor Moon Eternal was the end result of a revival project that started with Sailor Moon Crystal. Should it return for a new film (or even a TV series), closing out this revival with the final arc of the series would definitely be well received by fans.

Unfortunately for fans outside of Japan, Sailor Moon Eternal's two part epic has yet to be confirmed for a license or release in other territories. So if it indeed continues with a new film project or anime, it might help worldwide fans if they're allowed to check out the two films first. But what do you think?

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