SHINee's Key Pens Emotional Letter Following Jonghyun's Funeral

Yesterday, the k-pop fandom said its final goodbyes to one of their brightest stars. Earlier this week, Kim Jonghyun from SHINee passed away after an apparent suicide attempt. The singer was laid to rest on December 21 in a private ceremony, and one of Jonghyun’s bandmates has just opened up about his passing.

Over on Instagram, Kim Kibum shared a touching memorial to his longtime friend. The idol, who goes by the stage-name Key, posted a photo of a handwritten letter he wrote to Jonghyun. The letter was pinned down by a friendship ring which all the SHINee members were given years ago.

The letter itself was written in Korean, but fans have since translated the touching message. You can read the letter in full below:

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“To my beloved Jonghyun hyung,

Hyung. It’s Ki Bum~ I sent you off today and even saw your face yesterday, but I still can’t believe it. I’m sorry I went to you so late because of work, and I’m sorry for not being a source of strength to you when you were lonely.

You and I were the two most stubborn members in our group, so we had to do everything we wanted to do. But you did everything you wanted and in the end, you made the decision and you left first…it was really hard at first, but after spending time with only you for the past three days, I think I might understand how you felt.

Don’t be too worried that you left before us. I will respect and look after your mom and sister like my own family.

I’ll miss you for a really long time. I’m worried because the person who always took my side at meetings is now gone. You and I talked the most during meetings…but now I’ll have to get used to not having you here.

I’m going to try living a better life, too. When I get older and we meet again, tell me I did well! Jonghyun hyung, you were the best artist, friend, hyung, and colleague to me.


You did well, and I love you so much!”

Kibum and Jonghyun have been close friends for years, and this touching message is helping fans come to terms with the main vocalist's passing. The pair debuted under SM Entertainment back in 2008 with the band SHINee, and Jonghyun went on to craft a successful solo career as well. Earlier this month, Jonghyun held a major solo concert to celebrate his individual comeback, and reports had indicated that the singer would have another comeback in early 2018. SM Entertainment has yet to confirm whether Jonghyun's final comeback will be released to the public or not.