Smiling Friends Creators Hype Season 2's New Characters

Smiling Friends fans are eagerly waiting for the Adult Swim animated series to return for Season 2, and the creators behind the series have dropped some major teases about new characters and more to expect with the coming episodes! Michael Cusack and Zach Hadel's original animated series debuted on Adult Swim with a surprise premiere over the course of a single evening, and ever since then it has been at the center of the conversation for many animation fans. Thus it was no real surprise to see that the series was picked up for a second season in the future.

The creators have been working on Season 2 of Smiling Friends since the announcement, and during a special panel for the series as part of the Adult Swim Festival event this weekend in Philadelphia (of which Adult Swim shared some highlights), series co-creator Michael Cusack opened up about some of the things fans can look forward to seeing in the second season of the series. While playing coy about major spoilers, it seems the plans are to keep expanding the world and characters introduced during that first season with even more wild events. 

"You're gonna see crazy characters, you're going to see insane stuff, " Cusack began. "It's going to be a continuation of season one without feeling too repetitive...It's an interesting show dynamic where it's like alright, they're helping sad people, but we don't want to make it like they're helping a guy that's gonna kill himself every episode. It's a challenge to have it be more of a sandbox show where you can see these interesting characters and different areas of the town or world...I know I'm totally going around it cause we want to keep it secret, but you'll basically see a bunch of new characters."

So it's far from anything concrete, but at least fans can rest easy knowing even more is on the way! If you wanted to catch Smiling Friendsepisodes so far, you can now find the animated series streaming with HBO Max and airing on Adult Swim on various evenings. The series is officially described as such, "Smiling Friends follows the employees of a small company dedicated to bringing happiness to a bizarre yet colorful world. The quarter-hour animated series is co-created by Michael Cusack (YOLO: Crystal Fantasy) and Zach Hadel (Hellbenders) and animated by Princess Bento Studio."

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