Viral Sonic Art Gives The Hedgehog The Best Anime Makeover

One artist has gone viral for giving Sonic The Hedgehog the best anime makeover! Sega's famous [...]

One artist has gone viral for giving Sonic The Hedgehog the best anime makeover! Sega's famous mascot has taken on all sorts of forms since his debut decades ago, and in the years since fans have seen Sonic in many kinds of fun animated adventures. Sonic has even broken through to the world of anime as well. The Sonic X series took the hedgehog into a whole new territory along with this medium, but you can argue that the famous blue hedgehog has never really gone as full anime as one might want. One art has gone viral for taking it to that extra mile.

Sonic The Hedgehog first appeared in 1991 on the Sega Genesis console, being presented as the rival to Nintendo's Super Mario, and receiving a level of popularity that allowed his legacy to continue through the decades, with the hedgehog also receiving anime series and original video animations of his own. When Sega got out of the console game, Sonic "spread his wings" to other consoles, and now appears on his former rival's consoles such as the Nintendo Switch. Needless to say, Sonic has become one of the most recognizable video game characters in existence and will most likely continue to make appearances on consoles for decades to come.

Twitter Artist Rapizore shared an anime take on both Sonic and Shadow The Hedgehog, giving the blue speedster a look that makes him look as if he had been torn straight out of the Kingdom Hearts series rather than from the planet Mobius from where he normally hails:

Sonic The Hedgehog's sequel film is set to arrive in April of next year, with the film reportedly including Sonic's friends in Tails and Knuckles, rounding out the main characters of the franchise who will more than likely be battling against the machinations of Dr. Robotnik, hilariously depicted by legendary comedic actor Jim Carrey.

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