Japanese Spider-Man to Appear in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2

Last year, fans were wowed when Miles Morales made the jump from the comics to the big screen. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse brought a slew of favorite heroes into theaters in a film which many call the best Spider-Man movie to date. Not long ago, the team behind the movie let fans know a sequel is on its way, and that was not the only news.

No, producer Phil Lord could not leave enough alone there. Taking to Twitter, the writer hit up fans to confirm a beloved version of Spider-Man will appear in the sequel.

As you can see below, Lord dug up a tweet sent from a fan. The person tagged lord asking if Japanese Spider-Man will be written into the film, and they even offered to design the hero for the sequel. However, Lord let the fan (and the world) know the hero will join the sequel.

"He's designed," Lord revealed, leaving fans all over to celebrate.

For those of you unaware of this hero, Japan made its own version of Spider-Man back in the 1970s. The creation came after Toei Company got a license for Spider-Man which allowed the company to make its own hero. Despite looking like the Marvel hero, Toei's Spider-Man totally removed itself from the superhero's origin story. Peter Parker was replaced with a Japanese hero who pilot a giant mecha and even fought giant alien monsters.

Of course, a hero like this is too good to pass over for a Spider-Verse sequel. When the first film was announced years ago, fans petitioned for Japanese Spider-Man to take part in the film. Sadly, the hero did not make the cut, but it seems Lord is ready to atone for the blip. And if fans have their way, Japanese Spider-Man will hit up the big screen with his giant mecha Leopardon in tow when the sequel debuts in April 2022.


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