New Spy x Family Game Lets Fans Play Dodgeball with Anya

Spy x Family may be on a break right now, but the anime won't be long for long. After all, the series is slated to return this fall, and Anya will be leading the charge as always. And thanks to a special new game, fans can take on Anya in a dodgeball match if they are feeling lucky.

The whole thing popped up online overseas when the official website for Spy x Family posted a web game for fans. The Japanese domain shared the game to kickstart a competition, and as you can see here, the little project allows fans to control Anya during a game of dodgeball.

Unfortunately, the game is entirely in Japanese, but we can give you the lowdown on what you need to know. The game is pretty simple as it asks players to help Anya dodge any balls sent her way. A text box appears above the girl's head as she reads her opponent's mind, and it will tell you what direction the ball is being thrown. If they throw left, you can dodge Anya to the right and vice verse. And if they try to pull off a super shot, Anya can duck when fans press the game's center button.

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You can figure out the directions easy enough with a few practice rounds and an online translator if need be. And if you do well at the game, you can share your score on Twitter to enter a special contest. It turns out Spy x Family is giving away a set of autographs from the anime's voice cast to netizens with impressive scores. So if you are down to play, then you better start practicing ASAP!

Have you tried out this little game yet? What's your high score for this Spy x Family contest? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.