Spy x Family Art Pitches the Forger Family's Perfect Vacation

If there is one thing the anime fandom can agree on, it is that the Forger Family must be protected. Spy x Family introduced the clan a few years back in print, but the Spy x Family anime has taken the stars to a new level. These days, Anya Forger is one of the most famous characters in anime, and all eyes are on her future. After all, there is more Spy x Family anime on the way, and one cute piece of art is pitching the Forger family's perfect summer getaway.

And honestly, we are going to need an OVA dedicated to this idea ASAP. Few things in this world sound funnier than the Forger family going camping, but artist Ryosuke Tarou just showed the world how such an outing would go.

As you can see below, the artist posted their work on Twitter, and it went viral very quickly. You can see the Forger family here together in the woods with a loaded SUV filled with supplies. Of course, Loid is there with a backed bag while Yor keeps Anya entertained to the side. Even Bond came along for the trip, so this Forger family vacation is looking good so far.

Given Loid's experience as a spy, we are sure his survival skills are top notch, and we know Yor would be up there. It is likely Anya has never camped before, so we are sure the young psychic would get into all sorts of problems. Luckily, Bond is around in this scenario to help his owner out, but fans know Spy x Family would not let this camping trip end without hijinks. The potential for things to go wrong here is too high to ignore, and this fan-art has fans begging for an actual summer vacation OVA.

Of course, the Spy x Family anime has its hands busy as is. If you did not know, the anime ended season 1 with an announcement confirming Spy x Family season 2 was a go. We learned recently the show will return to television this fall, and Spy x Family will get its own movie shortly after. The project, titled Spy x Family: Code White, will debut at the end of this year. But if we have time in 2024, maybe Anya and her folks will get to take a vacation and give camping a try!

What do you think about this adorable Spy x Family pitch? Do we need a summer vacation OVA ASAP? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.