Spy x Family Season 2 Release Window Revealed

It goes without saying that Spy x Family is a hit. First published in March 2019, Tatsuya Endo's story has been a popular pick with fans for years, and its anime racked up its popularity. With season one done, it seems the Spy x Family anime has new releases in production right now. And thanks to an update, we have learned when Spy x Family season 2 will be released.

The update comes courtesy of Anime Japan as the event posted tons of new details about the industry's top releases. It was there we learned season 2 of Spy x Family is slated to drop this year. Fall 2023 is expected to usher in Spy x Family, so fans can mark October in their personal calendars.

After all, anime has a well-set release schedule, and the Fall cour always starts in October. We do not know the exactly release date for Spy x Family season 2 just yet. We do know the project will be done once more by CloverWorks and WIT Studios. As for season one of Spy X Family, the project is streaming in full already, so you can catch it on Hulu or Crunchyroll.

Of course, fans of Spy x Family will know season 2 isn't the only anime being worked on now. The joint production is also working on a movie, and Anime Japan dropped details about the spy comedy. As it turns out, Spy x Family: Code White is the name of the film, and it will feature an original story crafted by Endo. Currently, the movie is slated to drop this December, so fans will have a lot of time to catch ups with Any's adventures before they drop.

Want to know more bout Spy x Family? You can read up on its official synopsis here: "World peace is at stake and secret agent Twilight must undergo his most difficult mission yet-pretend to be a family man. Posing as a loving husband and father, he'll infiltrate an elite school to get close to a high-profile politician. He has the perfect cover, except his wife's a deadly assassin and neither knows the other's identity. But someone does, his adopted daughter who's a telepath!"

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