Spy x Family Art Ushers Anya and Damian Into High School

Spy x Family has wrapped season one, and right now, it feels like the anime fandom cannot wait for more of the show to drop. With a new season and movie in the works, Spy x Family has become an undeniable hit, and we have Anya Forger to thank. The cute esper has endeared a generation with her love of spies and hilarious expressions. And now, a piece of Spy x Family art is taking fans into the future to see how Anya and Damian will fair in high school.

As you can see below, the artwork comes courtesy of Twitter's Ryosuke Tarou. The fan-artist is a favorite within the anime fandom because of their work with other series. As for the Spy x Family anime, Ryosuke decided to ink artwork of Anya and Damian hanging out as teens, and the time skip scenario features several other familiar faces.

The friends appear to be spending a night at Universal Studios Japan, and Spy x Family is taking Anya's nickname to a new level. You can see Starlight Anya is wearing a light-up headband featuring Mario power stars. The girl is also wearing a crossbody peanut purse, and she looks incredibly stylish with an oversized jacket paired knee-high boots. As for Damian, the older boy is rocking an undercut and a loose cardigan while all his friends hang in the background.

Of course, the Spy x Family piece did not let Anya go it alone on date night. She is joined by Becky who is wearing a cute bow and star power purse. The heiress even brought an assistant with her to carry all her purchases. And given what we know about Becky, well – she must have bought a lot of goods.

Obviously, this Spy x Family art is nothing but a head canon, but netizens would love to see something like this in Anya's future. Spy x Family has put the girl through a lot, and Anya is giving her all right now to help Loid bring about world peace. As she grows older, Spy x Family should let Anya experience as much of a normal life as possible. But for now, the hit anime has more pressing concerns. Spy x Family season 2 is just around the corner, after all. WIT Studios and CloverWorks are working hard on their joint project. So for the time being, don't expect Spy x Family to flash forward with Anya or Damian any time soon.

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