Spy x Family Breaks Down How Twilight Got Into The Spy Game

Spy x Family has been spending the last few chapters of the manga digging into Twilight's past, and the newest chapter of the series has finally revealed how he eventually became a spy! The anime adaptation might be dominating screens this Spring, but Tatsuya Endo's original manga series has gone far beyond its events and has recently started to dig into Loid's own past. The series has shown a bit of both Yor and Anya's histories before joining the Forger family so far, but as fans would expect, Twilight himself has been keeping his history close to his chest.  

The previous chapters of the series began this first look into Twilight's origin story by revealing that he lost his parents in Ostanian bombings and was left alone as a child. With nothing left to turn to, he eventually joined the military with a false identity and began fighting for his country and killing as many soldiers as he could. But with the newest chapter of the series introducing some nuance to the fight for the first real time in his life, it also reveals how he first agreed to become the spy he is today. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 62.3 of Spy x Family picks up right after Twilight runs into Franky for the first time, and while they are on different sides of the conflict, Franky is able to talk Twilight out of being killed immediately. The two speak more about the conflict and Franky vents his frustration about how both Westalis and the Ostanians draw their people into conflicts that they have no real reason to fight in. While this frustrates the young Twilight, it does start to build some doubt in his mind about how he's going on about things. He then soon meets all of his childhood friends again. 

Thinking each of them had died, they reunite for a brief moment before dying in battle for good. This leaves Twilight even more doubtful than before, and he's soon recruited by a mysterious man who knows his real name and false identity he signed up for the military with. He reveals that he's from military intelligence, and recruits him to their cause. Telling him to completely toss out everything about his old lives, real and fake, Twilight begins his long road to becoming the spy we see him in the present day. 

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