This 'Steven Universe' Ska Cover Is Out of This World

Steven Universe is an extremely musical animated show on Cartoon Network, and one of the more recent songs -- "The Working Dead" -- has now received a frankly incredible ska cover that is making waves.

YouTube user Ska Tune Network posted their cover of "The Working Dead" only last night, but fans and more are already eating it up. You can check out the cover in the video above, and the original version of the song as sung by Sadie Killer & the Suspects in the fifth season episode, appropriately titled "Sadie Killer", below!

Folks involved in the origin and continued creation of Steven Universe have been sharing the cover over on Twitter. Rebecca Sugar, creator of Steven Universe, tweeted "WOW amazing!!!" while Steven Universe alum Ian Jones-Quartey tweeted "this is SO good" and fellow alum Ben Levin was even more effusive.

"Whoa!! The sickest Sadie Killer & the Suspects cover from #StevenUniverse," Levin tweeted. "More ska and more screams!"

Here's how Cartoon Network describes Steven Universe:


"Cartoon Network’s Emmy-nominated Steven Universe revolves around Steven, the 'little brother' to a team of magical aliens—the Crystal Gems—who defend the planet Earth. Steven is the son of the Crystal Gems’ late leader Rose Quartz and aging aspiring rockstar Mr. Universe. Steven belongs everywhere and nowhere: he has inherited his mother’s Gem and her magical powers, but also his father’s humanity and charm. The show is a slice-of-life action comedy that follows Steven as he attempts to bridge the gap between the sci-fi fantasy world of Gems and the cozy, funny, simple-yet-extraordinarily-complicated world of human beings."

What do you think of the cover? Are you a fan of Steven Universe but somehow not a fan of ska? Let us know in the comments!