Studio Ghibli's Goro Miyazaki Teases Next Project

Studio Ghibli has maintained its status as one of the best animation houses in Japan, and its global reputation is hard to shake. The company's work on projects like Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away have made it a solid powerhouse. As legend Hayao Miyazaki continues work on his new project, the artist's son is ready to put forth his new film in North America. And according to Goro Miyazaki, he is not sure where his next movie will take him.

Recently, Goro sat down with Deadline where he spoke to the trade about Earwig and the Witch. The newest Studio Ghibli film, which debuts in February stateside, promises to be a new chapter for Studio Ghibli. The film is the company's first entirely done in CG, but Goro is not sure he wants to pursue a sequel for this tale anytime soon if at all.

Earwig and the Witch Studio Ghibli GKIDS
(Photo: GKIDS)

“I’ve heard a lot of people who’ve seen this film saying, ‘Are you making a sequel?’ And that’s a little troubling for me,” Goro admitted in his latest interview. “It took four years to make this film, and when you think of spending your next four years doing a sequel, while it’s appealing, I’m not that young."

Continuing, the director said he looks forward to tackling a new challenge in the studio. "I would rather spend my time doing something challenging, something new."


When Goro first decided to challenge himself with Earwig and the Witch, the director had to start from scratch. Studio Ghibli has never tried to animate a movie like this before, so the company had to make a lot of hires. From planning to storyboarding and more, Earwig and the Witch was a process unlike anything Studio Ghibli has done before. Now, it seems the film is ready to make its U.S. debut, so fans can be the judge of how the CG project fairs.

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