Studio Ghibli's Official Restaurant Is Enchanting And Delicious

If you've ever wanted to step into a Studio Ghibli movie, a new restaurant in Thailand is giving you that chance.

May's Garden House Restaurant in Bangkok is the first officially licensed My Neighbor Totoro-themed restaurant. Studio Ghibli does have its own themed cafe at the Ghibli Museum, but May's Garden House marks the first expansion outside of Japan.

The new restaurant features lots of little details from the 1988 anime classic, including plates and table settings as well as designs on the restaurant's stained-glass windows. The restaurant will also feature two special birds, Koru and Pi, created by Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki specifically for May's Garden House as mascots. The eatery also features a playground, orchid glasshouse, boat water pool, and library. You can check out a photo of some of the restaurant's features in the post from its official Instagram below.


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As for why the restaurant is in Thailand, according to Sora News, it's an interesting story. Suzuki got the idea for the restaurant after he met a single mother operating a chicken wing stall. When he later found out that she would have to close the business due to lack of customers, he was inspired to create the restaurant, its name "May" also inspired by the woman's nickname.


If a Totoro-themed restaurant isn't enough of an immersion into the world of Studio Ghibli for you, you can always wait for its official theme park. Set to open in 2022, Studio Ghibli's theme park will open in central Japan. Concept art for the stunning project was recently released, giving fans a tantalizing taste of what the almost 500-acre world will look like.

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