Studio Ghibli Launches Official Twitter with New Earwig and the Witch Clip

Studio Ghibli is ready to bring forward its next movie to fans in North America, and it has found a way to share updates with netizens across the country. At last, Studio Ghibli has opted to run an official Twitter profile for its North American audience. The page went up earlier today if you need to follow it, and there is good reason to check it out.

And why is that? Well, for one, it would make Hayao Miyazaki happy. And two, a brand-new clip has been posted to the Twitter page from Earwig and the Witch.

The video, which can be found above, shows the opening scene from the new Studio Ghibli flick. The video follows a young woman with red curly hair riding down a highway on a motorbike. A yellow car is seen tailing the woman as she weaves through traffic with a baby strapped to her body. And when the car gets too close, fans watch as the red-haired lady conjures some magic to throw off the car.

By the scene's end, fans are left with the woman and baby as they stand outside an orphanage. It seems the woman is giving her daughter up to be cared for, and fans can only assume it is because of her magic. As for the baby, she seems content to chew on a mixtape which her mother seemingly made. And with that, the scene closes.

This clip gives a first-look at Kacey Musgrave's performance in Earwig and the Witch. She plays the mother of our titular heroine, and she does so beautifully. You will be able to hear more of her work next month when the film goes live. Earwig and the Witch will hit theaters on February 3 before heading to HBO Max on February 5.


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