Super Dragon Ball Heroes Announces Next Episode's Release Date

Dragon Ball has kept busy during the pandemic, and it has its manga and PR anime to thank. While [...]

Dragon Ball has kept busy during the pandemic, and it has its manga and PR anime to thank. While Goku and Vegeta fight Moro on the page, Super Dragon Ball Heroes has kept lots of characters on their toes with its new anime arc. Now, fans are eyeing the next episode of the miniseries, and an official release date has gone live for it.

The information was revealed during a recent stream dedicated to Dragon Ball Heroes. It was there the event confirmed the fourth episode of Super Dragon Ball Hero's new arc will release on June 30. This means fans have about two weeks left to go before a new episode goes live, so they can mark their calendars.

Of course, this release date was expected by fans. Super Dragon Ball Heroes is rather predictable when it comes to release dates. The PR anime never fails to put out new episodes at the end of every month. It only made sense to have episode four debut at the end of June, and that hunch was right.

As for what fans can expect to happen in this fourth episode, there will be a lot to sort through. For one, Xeno Goku and Xeno Vegeta came face to face with a mysterious doctor at the end of episode three. Fans are expecting the pair to fight the fit physician, but they have no idea what the newcomer is capable of.

While the doctor prepares to battle, Goku and Vegeta have been busy with Turles and Bojack. The old-school baddies were brought back for this arc as Fu needed help containing the Saiyan. The group was still fighting at the end of Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode three, so it seems likely the group will continue battling in this new one.

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