Dragon Ball Art Imagines Super Saiyan God of Destruction Goku

Dragon Ball anime is still on hiatus right now, but that will never stop fans from imagining where the franchise could be headed next. Dragon Ball Super introduced a lot of big expansions to the Dragon Ball universe, and one fan-favorite is the God of Destruction role. Ever since Lord Beerus showed up to fight Goku in Super's first arc, fans have been speculating that the series has been slowly training and testing Goku for one end goal: becoming Beerus' successor as the God of Destruction for Universe 7. There have been many visual odes to how God of Destruction Goku could - and here's a pretty good one!

This concept of God of Destruction Goku is much more novel and original than the usual crop of Ultra Instinct-infused depictions. This version of God of Destruction Goku takes the Super Saiyan God coloring of Goku, but definitely mixes it with the spirit of Beerus, in Goku's bored look and the return of his Saiyan tail.

It's actually a nice and intriguing concept of what Goku would be like as a God of Destruction when you think about it. Having to do an actual job that has divine parameters, rules, and dire consequences would be a mighty big change to Goku's roaming brawler lifestyle. However, the fact that he wouldn't likely be residing on Earth anymore, wouldn't make Chi-Chi any happier that Goku finally landed on a real career path.

The big question at the heart of Dragon Ball Super is whether Goku or Vegeta would be the right one for the God of Destruction job. At first glance, a lot of fans think Vegeta would be the one best suited for the job, but given the Saiyan Prince's temperament, that may not be the best idea. Goku would be the most reluctant one to take the job, which is exactly why Grand Zeno may think he's the perfect candidate for the job.


If Goku does end Dragon Ball Super by officially achieving godly status, this kind of character design seen above wouldn't be a half-bad concept to go with. It's fun, a nice throwback to Dragon Ball's Young Goku, and perfectly in line with the new Shitani style that fans seem to love since Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

You can read new Dragon Ball Super chapters online HERE. The Anime is still on hiatus.