Dragon Ball Shows-Off Goku V Turles Rematch

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has brought back some of the oldest heroes that appeared in the Dragon [...]

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has brought back some of the oldest heroes that appeared in the Dragon Ball Z series, pulling from the outside of continuity movies that featured the likes of Bojack and Cooler, with the identical twin to Goku, Turles, returning to fight against the Saiyan who had fallen to Earth. Gaining the power of the Universe Tree, Turles has given himself a giant power boost in the same way that the "Tree of Might" had when he first appeared in the third Dragon Ball Z movie of the same name!

Fu, the demonic scientist that was jettisoned from the Dark Demon Dimension when he was a baby, is attempting to exact revenge upon the universe for his race's defeat at the hands of the Xeno versions of the Z Fighters. Snatching the villains from their time lines right before their respective demises, Fu has put together a powerhouse team and given them power ups by using the energy pouring forth from the Universe Tree. With Turles chomping down fruit after fruit, he has reached a point where he is standing toe to toe with Goku in his Super Saiyan blue form, even without transforming into a Super Saiyan himself!

The origin of Turles has never been revealed throughout the franchise created by Akira Toriyama but we are still left scratching our heads as to why this Dragon Ball Z villain looks exactly like Goku. While some suspect he might be a long lost sibling of the Saiyan protagonist, it is also entirely possible that it's simply a complete coincidence. Regardless, Turles' first appearance in the third Dragon Ball Z had him coming to Earth with his henchmen, planting the Tree of Might that would take the energy from the planet and give him some additional juice.

Turles was far from the only "evil version of Goku" that the Z Fighters have encountered, with Dragon Ball Super giving us a story line that introduced the mysterious Goku Black, who held the same appearance as the Saiyan warrior and traveled back from Future Trunks' timeline. Eventually revealed to be the renegade Kaioshin known as Zamasu, the Goku Black arc remains one of the biggest story lines in the Dragon Ball franchise!

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