Super Dragon Ball Heroes Meteor Mission 4 Trailer Released

The Meteor Mission gets an animation upgrade with its latest trailer.

The Meteor Mission is the latest chapter of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, pitting the Z-Fighters against a threat that has never appeared in the main continuity of the Dragon Ball Super series. While the side story uses animation for this season that makes it appear like the Dragon Ball Heroes arcade game, the latest trailer sees Toei Animation using a more traditional 2-D style to chronicle the latest battles of the series. With the recent episode focusing on Gohan fighting against Vegeto, the new trailer is one for the Z-Fighters' record books.

Majin Ozotto is the newest villain to threaten Goku and company in the Dragon Ball Heroes anime, taking a page from the likes of Majin Buu when it comes to his abilities. Having the power to absorb the strength of his opponents, Ozotto can also completely control his targets and use their physical forms for his own benefit. Thanks to this power, shonen viewers are able to see Gohan's power pitted against one of the most powerful figures in the anime universe, Vegeto. The side story also gives us a moment that we never got the chance to witness in the main story wherein Vegeto uses Kaioken on top of his Super Saiyan Blue form.

Dragon Ball Heroes' Meteor Mission Continues

The major strength of Dragon Ball Heroes has been the spin-off's ability to bring in heroes and villains that might otherwise never appear in Dragon Ball Super proper. While the Meteor Mission continues this trend, many anime fans have found themselves struggling with the decision to change the animation style. Here's hoping that the next season of the series sees Toei Animation return to the more traditional style.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes isn't the only series running this year focusing on the Z-Fighters, as this fall will see the release of Dragon Ball Daima. Daima will see Goku and his fellow warriors transformed into children thanks to a nefarious wish placed on the Dragon Balls. Since the spin-off takes place between the death of Kid Buu and the beginning of Dragon Ball Super, anime fans will be interested to see which heroes and villains will show up in the side story.

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