Sword Art Online Trailer Teases Kirito's Comeback

Sword Art Online's third season has been carrying on for the better part of two years now as the anime adapts the Alicization saga, the longest single story in Reki Kawahara's original light novel series to date. This has been split into four cours of episodes in total beginning in 2018, and the final cour will finally debut later this April as part of the Spring 2020 anime season. This is huge for a number of reasons, but one of the most peculiar is that this is being touted as the "Last Season" of the series.

It's currently unclear if the team behind the series means that it will be the "last season" of the Alicization arc as the War of Underworld will be coming to a close with this final batch of episodes. After using the first half of the War of Underworld series to set the stage for a bloody war between the human and dark territories in Underworld, the final half looks to have a lot more action.

This action will also seemingly include Kirito, who has been suffering from a coma following the fight with Administrator, and has been absent from the first half of the battle. But towards the end of the newest trailer released for the new episodes, Kirito appears with golden colored eyes. What could this mean?


With Kirito out of commission and the Underworld under attack, Alice and the Integrity Knights were left alone to fight off the tons of enemies from the Dark Territory. Towards the end of the first cour, Asuna made her surprise debut and it was teased that some other familiar faces (which can be seen in this trailer) would be joining the battle too. If Kirito does come back, the battle has definitely shifted back in the humans' favor.

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