Sword Art Online Cosplay Takes Aim With Sinon

Sword Art Online's anime is currently preparing to return for the next major step in its long franchise, and one awesome cosplay is helping to celebrate everything SAO with an awesome look taking aim with Sinon! Reki Kawahara's original light novel series has grown to a massive new level ever since it kicked off all those years ago, and at this point the anime has become a juggernaut in itself as the adaptation is now in the midst of celebrating its 10th Anniversary. And over that time, fans have been introduced to all sorts of memorable characters that continue to pop up in each project. 

Sinon was first introduced to Sword Art Online anime during the second season of the series as Kirito was introduced to a new world of Gun Gale Online, and ever since she's been a key player in each of the releases moving on from then. Sinon will likely play a big role in whatever comes next for the franchise too, and now she's gotten an awesome cosplay tribute from artist @seracoss on Instagram. You can check it out below: 

What's Next for Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online's anime is already moving on into a mysterious future with some big plans already in place. Following the release of Sword Art Online Progressive -Scherzo of Deep Night- through Japan last year and internationally this year, Sword Art Online is now working on a brand new movie that will feature an original story not seen in the light novel releases or its spin-offs. Not much has been revealed about the potential release date or window for this new anime movie as of this writing, however. 

If you're curious as to how Sword Art Online Progressive -Scherzo of Deep Night- turned out, you can check out our review of the film here or in the video above. Here's an excerpt to get you started, "The film's best moments come through with high production value as well, which has been a staple of the franchise for quite a while. Without getting too spoiler-y for the boss battle at the center of the film, it's dynamically presented with a kind of fun that Sword Art Online used to offer in its fights. Everything is still very much life or death stakes which is ultimately refreshing because it hasn't been like that for the anime in a long time."

Where does Sinon rank among your favorite Sword Art Online characters? Let us know all of your thoughts about it and everything anime in the comments!