The Dragon Prince Co-Creator Teases Season 4 Themes

One of the creator's behind The Dragon Prince teased what kind of themes fans can expect with the [...]

One of the creator's behind The Dragon Prince teased what kind of themes fans can expect with the upcoming fourth season of the series! Following the successful release of the first three seasons with Netflix, fans of the Wonderstorm and Bardel Entertainment animated series were surprised to hear that not only will the series be returning for a fourth season, but will get to tell its full seven season saga with Netflix as well. That has made the anticipation for the fourth season higher than ever, and fans have been wondering just what the characters will be up to this next go around.

Following the special Comic-Con @ Home 2021 panel for The Dragon Prince, the creators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond spoke to's Jamie Lovett about the progress on the new seasons and other projects currently in the works for the franchise. As a final tease of what's to come with the fourth season of the series, Ehasz teased the kind of themes the series will be tackling with this next batch of new episodes.

The Dragon Prince Claudia Netflix
(Photo: Wonderstorm / Netflix)

While Ehasz remained cryptic, there are some juicy tidbits, "I will say this: Wouldn't it be great if returning an egg to a mother that lost their egg or returning the baby dragon could cause world peace?," Ehasz began. "Wouldn't that be great? Well, it's a step in the right direction, but the conflicts and complications of Xadia are deep, and I think you can probably speculate about different characters who have different levels of idealism and believe that change should come quickly."

Ehasz then concluded this tease with the themes and characters that might be challenged in the coming season and potentially beyond, "And I think the themes are the same," Ehasz continued. "I think the hopes and dreams of our characters are the same, but the world will be revealed to be a bit more complicated than in the first three seasons." Unfortunately, there's yet to be a release window or date revealed for The Dragon Prince's fourth season just yet.

Ehasz and Richmond revealed during The Dragon Prince panel at Comic-Con @ Home 2021 that the team behind the series has been "enthusiastically, energetically building the show, building the saga, building Season 4 and the oncoming seasons." While there was no date, it's certainly promising for what's to come in the future!

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