The JOJOLands Reveals Shocking Return of JoJo Favorite

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has only grown more bizarre as the series continued with its creator Hirohiko Araki at the helm. Following the conclusion of Stone Ocean, the anime franchise started to explore an alternate universe that was inhabited by new characters as well as alternate versions of old classics. With the release of the second chapter of The JOJOLands, fans have had their minds blown with the return of not just a major character from the series' past, but said character looks identical to the version we came to know in previous arcs.

The JOJOLands Chapter 2 features Jodio, Dragona, Paco and their new ally, the "hot dog man" known as Usagi Alohaoe arriving in Hawaii to start their mission of stealing a rather large diamond. While readers were left in the dark from the onset when it came to who was the owner of said diamond, it was eventually revealed and was quite the twist all things considered. The latest installment begins with Jodio once again having a problematic run in with the police, employing the use of November Rain once again to escape before heading out in search of the diamond. While seeing Alohaoe's Stand, "The Matte Kudasai" in action was a surprise in itself, the owner of the diamond shocked the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fan community.

The JoJo Manga Artist Returns

As Jodio lays out following seeing the owner of the diamond, it is none other than Kishibe Rohan, the mangaka who first debuted in Diamond Is Unbreakable and would go on to receive his own spin-off series, Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan. The wielder of November Rain shows his surprise, which certainly matches that of fans, "I know who he is! He's famous. I've got some books by him at home. I see his anime online all the time. That mangaka! The target's name is Kishibe Rohan."

(Photo: David Production)

This adds quite a few questions to the latest installment, as it was assumed that The JOJOLands was taking place in the same universe as the likes of Steel Ball Run and JoJolion. It is entirely possible that Kishibe Rohan holds the same appearance and profession in both universes, though fans have begun debating what the mangaka's inclusion means for the latest entry. Will Rohan join Jodio and Dragona on their mission and be a supporting character? This is sure to go down in history as one of the biggest "To Be Continued..." examples in Joestar history.