The JOJOLands Chapter 2 Offers Update Ahead of Release

It won't be much longer before the anime fandom is reunited with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The series is back in action these days thanks to creator Hirohiko Araki, and we have his new manga to thank. If you did not know, The JOJOLands made its debut earlier this year, and an update on chapter two has dropped ahead of its release.

The report comes from social media as the next chapter of The JOJOLands is preparing to launch. According to various fan-translators such as morganstedmanms, the manga's next chapter will be a hefty one and feature a surprise guest. After all, The JOJOLands chapter one set up a heist for its heroes to pull, and chapter two will kick off the mission with more than 50 news pages of content.

Of course, readers are eager to see who this new JoJo character will be. The JOJOLands may have a single chapter under belt right now, but its newcomers have all been met with praise. Starring sibling Joestars, Araki's new JoJo manga promises to explore concepts we've not seen in the manga to date. This means the siblings could be targeting anybody, so JoJo fans will have to wait for chapter two's release to see who they are. But if current rumors are right, well – The JOJOLands is about to catch everyone off their guard.

If you are not caught up with The JOJOLands, you are not alone. Viz Media has yet to announce a translation or publication schedule for Araki's new series. Many fans are keeping up with the JoJo manga through its Japanese release as it is published in Ultra Jump. The JOJOLands marks the series' ninth part in the wake of JoJolion and Steel Ball Run. Araki published the first chapter of The JOJOLands in February 2023, and after a stellar debut, JoJo fans are eager to see where Jodio and Dragona go next.

If you aren't tapped into the JoJo fandom yet, you can explore Araki's long-running series easily enough. The franchise began in 1987 and has collected more than 130 volumes to date. Currently, Viz Media licenses the JoJo manga in English, so you can find physical copies of the title in stores and online. As for the JoJo anime, the team at David Production most recently tackled Stone Ocean. No word has been given on a Steel Ball Run adaptation, but netizens are hoping part seven gets an anime before too long.

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