The Promised Neverland Creators Comment on the Manga's Final Chapter

The Promised Neverland has joined the likes of Demon Slayer in that the popular anime franchise [...]

The Promised Neverland has joined the likes of Demon Slayer in that the popular anime franchise has reached its conclusion within its manga, and the creators behind the adventures of Norman, Ray, and Emma have shared their thoughts on social media. The original creator of the franchise, Demizu Posuka, and artist Kaiu Shirai have been with the popular series since the beginning of its tale, offering fans a decidedly darker story than the regular manga fare that you are able to read on the market today and it's certainly understandable that they'd offer their thoughts on the manga's conclusion!

While the final chapter of The Promised Neverland gave us a conclusive finale to the orphans that were tormented by the literal monsters that were ruling the world, some fans were sad to see the franchise come to an end after only a number of years. With anime franchises such as One Piece and Dragon Ball telling stories across hundreds of manga chapters and throughout the decades, some anime fans are certainly heart broken when a particular franchise doesn't follow suit and continue for decades themselves. However, The Promised Neverland will be continuing through a number of different mediums with the second season of the anime having been confirmed, a live action feature length film being developed to release later this year, and a live action series being produced by Amazon!

Both Demizu Posuka and Kaiu Shirai's comments were shared online via a number of different tweets, with the two prolific creators sharing their appreciation to the fans when it comes to their support of the series, as well as what will be their plans for the immediate future following The Promised Neverland's end:

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