The Promised Neverland Dub Will Come to Funimation Soon

The Promised Neverland has had a big past few months, with the announcement that a live action [...]

The Promised Neverland has had a big past few months, with the announcement that a live action series was being developed for Amazon and the series itself was coming to an end with the upcoming final chapter of the manga, and now it seems as if the series' English Dub will be coming to Funimation's Streaming Service. Beginning on July 1st of this summer, Funimation will be given their fans the opportunity to watch through the first twelve episodes of the series and catch up before the eventual release of the second season of the anime that has already been confirmed.

The English Dub Cast, for those who might not know includes Laura Post as Isabella (Demon Slayer and Kill La Kill), Laura Stahl as Ray (Cells At Work and Fate/Grand Order), Jeanine Tirado as Norman (Dragon Ball Super), and Erica Mendez as Emma (My Hero Academia and The Rising of the Shield Hero) to name a few. The series, which follows a number of children hold up in an orphanage who discover that their world is run by literal monsters, has become a success since premiering its anime and the second season is set to be released next year 2021. Much like many other anime properties, The Promised Neverland has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and delayed as a result.

Funimation shared the news via their Official Twitter Account, detailing how on July 1st, fans will be able to watch the first twelve episodes of the English Dub of the anime that painted a terrifying picture for the three protagonists of the series in Emma, Ray, and Norman:

The Promised Neverland will also be releasing a live action film adaptation later this year in the winter, though we have to wonder if this movie will also be delayed as a result of COVID-19 like its anime series. Regardless, the series continues to be a hit among anime fans the world over and we look forward to watching it in any medium in which it appears!

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