The Promised Neverland Teases the Human World in Latest Cliffhanger

The Promised Neverland previously teased its 'imminent' finale, and that finale has never looked [...]

The Promised Neverland previously teased its "imminent" finale, and that finale has never looked closer than with the latest cliffhanger for the series teasing the human world on the other side of the demon conflict. The final arc of the series has changed everything for Emma and the other kids of the Grace Field House as the fight for their lives has officially reached its end. The farms have been abolished, and the humans held as captives to be eaten have all been freed. But as their end goal, Emma has the human world in sight.

The latest chapter of the series actually gave us our first (and hopefully new coronavirus pandemic free) look at the human world at the end, and Emma finally revealed what she had to give us as her "reward" for establishing a new promise between the human and demon worlds. But thanks to this promise, she and the other kids are free to head over to the other side.

Chapter 178 of the series sees Emma and the other surviving humans make their way under the Grace Field House to a set of stairs in which Emma will use to activate the promise. Phil was worried she had to give up something severe to make it happen, but Emma reveals that this wasn't the case. As payment for all of the kids and human survivors going to the human world, Emma actually doesn't have to give up anything at all.

The Promised Neverland Human World Cliffhanger
(Photo: Shueisha)

Because her family is what means the most to her, it's what would have been given in the new promise. But because they are heading to the human world, it can't happen. So the promise entity actually decided to not request a reward in return for Emma's promise. Noting that the 1000 years of humanity's suffering was "entertaining," that suffering was taken as payment instead.

With all of the uncertainties surrounding the human world and the demon world potentially fighting back against the peaceful new regime, Emma and the others decide the human world is the best course of action. From then, the stairs become a mysterious portal that warps them to a beach in the human world -- complete with a full look at the Statue of Liberty at the edge of the chapter.

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