The Promised Neverland Shocks with SPOILER's Heartbreaking Death

The Promised Neverland has reached its endgame, but not all the characters will be getting a happy [...]

The Promised Neverland has reached its endgame, but not all the characters will be getting a happy ending after one heartbreaking death. The Promised Neverland's final arc has reached a new period now that the war against the demons is over, and Emma and the rest of the former Grace Field House kids will soon be making their way to the human world. As expected, however, this won't be such an easy transition as not all of the demons will agree to the new terms of the world. This leads to a surprising death after Emma is nearly struck by an angry demon.

The previous chapter revealed that Isabella, whose known as "Mom" to Emma and the others, has taken the attack meant for Emma. Chapter 177 of the series confirms that this attack pierced her chest completely, and unfortunately sees her completely bleeding out and bidding her children a tearful farewell as she slips away.

The final arc of the series had some major reveals for Isabella as she turned from the series' central villains to one of Emma and the kids' allies. Like the children she too had been subject to the horrible system and worked her way up to the level of Grandmother in order to have a better sense of control over the human farm system. She revealed she and the other mothers were ready to rebel, and proved a key figure in helping Emma and the other kids to victory.

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But Chapter 177 sees her truly make up for all of her misdeeds over the years as she gives her life to protect their children. In her emotional farewell, Emma reveals that she and the other kids still view her as the loving mom she once was despite everything they have been through. It turns out Isabella felt the same as all her love for them was revealed to be genuine.

With her final bit of strength, she's able to tell the children (and Ray, most importantly) that she truly loves all of them just as much as they love her. She wanted to make it to the human world with the rest of them, but unfortunately her journey ends here.

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