The Promised Neverland's Film Shares First-Look at Isabella and Krone

The Promised Neverland is hard at work on season two, but it has a major update to give on its [...]

The Promised Neverland is hard at work on season two, but it has a major update to give on its live-action future. Last year, fans learned the hit series was pursuing a live-action adaptation in Japan, but few details were ever shared about the project. Now, it seems the first imagines of The Promised Neverland movie have gone live, and the stills paint a curious picture of the beloved series.

The stills, which can be found below, went live not long ago thanks to The Promised Neverland's crew. The team confirmed part of the film's cast as Keiko Kitagawa will play Isabella, the feared Mama whom fans love to hate. She will be joined by Naomi Watanabe who is overseeing Krone, another Mama who comes to assist Isabella oversee her kids.

The pair posed together for a poster shot, and fans can certainly see how the actress fit into their respective roles. Looking at this photo, it would be hard to tell these women were villains unless you knew The Promised Neverland, and that works perfectly. After all, many fans got into the series thinking it would be a sweet ride, but those ideas were firmly squashed less than an hour after being introduced.

the promised neverland film
(Photo: Shueisha)

Speaking about the film, Kitagawa says she loves the manga but did have a hard time nailing down her portrayal of Isabella for the screen. In fact, the actress said her take on the woman was developed last-minute, saying, ""any actor would understand how hard the manga is to adapt. I definitely thought that preserving the worldbuilding of the manga with the same quality was impossible. In the end, director Hirakawa decided that he would not change Isabella's age and character at all."

As for Watanabe, the comedic actress said she worked very closely with the film's director Yuichiro Hirakawa to craft Krone's persona. "I want to be an obstacle to the kids alongside Isabella," she said.

With two of its main villains cast, The Promised Neverland is ready to move forward with its release. The live-action adaptation is slated to hit theaters in Japan come December 18. At this point, no trailer has gone live for the project, but these stills do lend credit to the film's vision. And if this feature gets things right, The Promised Neverland promises to get even more popular.

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