The Witcher: Ronin Gives Fans Geralt's First Manga

With this week's WitcherCon, fans of Geralt of Rivia were able to not only see more from the [...]

With this week's WitcherCon, fans of Geralt of Rivia were able to not only see more from the upcoming second season of Netflix's live-action Witcher series but also had the opportunity to scope out a first look at the upcoming anime film, Nightmare of the Wolf. Now, on the heels of these big announcements, Geralt will be brought into a new comic series that re-imagines the Witcher in a manga setting, with a new Kickstarter being hype that will change the world that has become so popular outside of the gaming community thanks to the streaming service of Netflix.

The Witcher: Ronin will be written by Rafal Jaki, one of the creators who helped put together the popular card game from the universe of Geralt, Gwent, with artist Hataya lending their talents in bringing this new adventure to life. The story, which will re-imagine Geralt in a feudalistic Japanese setting, will give the world of The Witcher a new aesthetic, presenting the warrior with some new terrifying monsters to battle against that will receive a similar makeover based on the environment. Launching a Kickstarter to gain support for the manga series, the one-shot is being touted as being one hundred pages long and will include several short stories that will follow Geralt.

The Official Twitter Account for The Witcher shared the first look at the manga series with a new trailer giving fans of Geralt an idea of what this new world will look like from both Jaki and Hataya, placing the swordsman into a brand new world that promises to give fans a fresh take on the beloved franchise:

The writer of the series, Rafal Jake, lent his thoughts as to why this new manga will act as something of an "Elseworlds series," separate from the main continuity of The Witcher franchise:

"I personally love the new monsters and folk tales we can experiment with. Both Europe and Japan have a unique tradition in this area, and bringing iconic Japanese stories and monsters and fitting them in a Witcher Context was the most exciting thing for me."

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