To Your Eternity Season 2 Poster Released

This October will be one of the biggest months for anime not just in 2022, but in the past few years. With major series My Hero Academia, Mob Psycho 100, and Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Arc returning for new seasons, along with the long-awaited arrival of Chainsaw Man's anime adaptation, another anime tale will be debuting its second season. To Your Eternity will arrive on October 23rd, with the series releasing a new poster to get fans hyped for this life-affirming, and often tragic, series. 

To Your Eternity is a very different story from many of the other anime series that are currently available, focusing on an extraterrestrial being that is attempting to figure out the world it finds itself in by residing within the dead bodies of organisms that it encounters. First arriving as a manga in 2016, the series has continued under creator Yoshitoki Oima, with the first season of the anime adaptation arriving last year. Needless to say, there are plenty more wild adventures for our strange hero to explore in the upcoming second season. 

The Official Twitter Account for To Your Eternity shared the new poster for the second season of the anime adaptation, bringing together old and new characters to get fans hyped for the October arrival:

The second season will stream on Crunchyroll later this year, with the streaming service offering the following official description of To Your Eternity's anime series: 

"In the beginning, an "orb" is cast unto Earth. "It" can do two things: change into the form of the thing that stimulates "it"; and come back to life after death. "It" morphs from orb to rock, then to wolf, and finally to boy, but roams about like a newborn who knows nothing. As a boy, "it" becomes Fushi. Through encounters with human kindness, Fushi not only gains survival skills, but grows as a "person". But his journey is darkened by the inexplicable and destructive enemy Nokker, as well as cruel partings with the people he loves."

Besides the original cast returning for the second season, voice actors Tomori Kusonoki, Mitsuki Saiga, and Takehito Koyasu will be joining the roster as the characters Hisame, Kahaku, and Bonchien respectively. 

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