Hunter x Hunter Creator Makes History All Thanks to Their Twitter Debut

Hunter x Hunter has taken over headlines this week, and we have its creator to thank. Yoshihiro Togashi is a private man, and ever since he took the series on hiatus, he's been taking a much-deserved rest. However, after four years of absence, Togashi made a stunning return to public life on Twitter this week that has officially broken records.

The update comes after the artist took everyone by surprise on social media the other day. Togashi made a Twitter earlier this week out of nowhere, leaving fans scratching their heads over whether the account was fake or real. Intrigue over the account reached a fever pitch after Togashi hinted on Twitter that they were working on Hunter x Hunter. So when fellow mangaka Yusuke Murata told fans the account was legit, well – it didn't take them long to follow the page.

Now, in just about 24 hours, Togashi has become the third most-followed manga creator on Twitter. The artist amassed over 1.6 million followers during that time, beating out other profiles for Yom and Sui Ishida. At this time, Hiro Mashima still has more followers than Togashi with 1.78 million followers to their name. And for now, first place goes to Kohei Horikoshi and his 2.15 million followers.

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As you can imagine, fans are living for Togashi's sudden boost in popularity, and they are even more hyped for his return to Shueisha. Hunter x Hunter has been on a break for more than 1,200 days now. There is no set return date for the manga at this time, but fans are happy enough knowing Hunter x Hunter is getting attention behind the scenes. And if all goes well, Togashi might just become Twitter's most popular mangaka before the year ends!

What do you make of Togashi's unexpected return? Are you excited to see Hunter x Hunter drop new content? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.