Tokyo Ghoul Live-Action Film Star Suddenly Announces Retirement

This summer, Tokyo Ghoul will finally see its live-action film released, and fans are eager to see [...]

This summer, Tokyo Ghoul will finally see its live-action film released, and fans are eager to see how the project pans out. The dark horror anime has become a cult hit with anime fans around the world, and Japanese stars like Masataka Kubota have already wrapped their part on the film. The actor in question was cast as protagonist Ken Kaneki, and Fumika Shimizu was hired play the film's female lead Toka Kirishima. However, in a strange turn of events, it looks like the actress has now chosen to permanently leave the entertainment industry thanks to her sudden retirement.

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Last week, Shimizu went missing and left fans concerned about her wellbeing before she resurfaced on Sunday. The actress then released a statement yesterday where she announced her decision to retire suddenly. Shimizu chose to end her career and asked her agency to terminate all her existing contracts. Currently, the actress is attached to projects like Tokyo Ghoul and The Dragon Dentist anime series.

Right now, it seems like Shimizu's will not affect the Tokyo Ghoul film. The actress had already finished filming on the project along with two other films. In April, Ankoku Joshi and Warau Manekineko will hit Japanese theaters. However, it does not look like the actress will participate in any promotions for the movie.

Yesterday, a religious group based in Tokyo which Shimizu follows released a letter by the actress tomorrow. You can read its contents below:

"I have been working in this business for eight years, but my heart can't accept some contents in the jobs. I have not been able to live properly, and it has put me into a deep state of depression everyday. So I want to enter the priesthood. I want to believe things that have never been confirmed or seen, such as God, Buddha, and afterlife, and I want to live my life for God. After I decided, my life has been very peaceful."

If you are not familiar with Tokyo Ghoul, then you can read up about the series below. The series is set in an alternate reality where creatures known as ghouls exist. The horrifying monsters survive by consuming human flesh and live amongst humans in secret. The story follows a boy named Ken Kaneki after a date-gone-wrong leaves him a half-ghoul. Struggling to adapt to his new life, Ken tries his best to fit into ghoul society, keep his monstrous status hidden from humans, and reign in the insatiable hunger he has for flesh.

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Not familiar with Tokyo Ghoul? No worries; You still have plenty of time to catch-up on the show. The series debuted in September 2011 thanks to mangaka Sui Ishida. Weekly Young Jump first published the manga before it was adapted into an anime series by Pierrot. The anime premiered in July 2014 before a second season ran in January 2015. A third season has also been confirmed though no official release date has been attached to the project so far.

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