'Tokyo Ghoul' Reunites Touka With [SPOILER]

Warning! Spoilers for Tokyo Ghoul’s 151st chapter lie below!Tokyo Ghoul:re is charging ahead [...]

Warning! Spoilers for Tokyo Ghoul's 151st chapter lie below!

Tokyo Ghoul:re is charging ahead with its current arc, and it seems characters are coming out of the shadows to save Ken Kaneki. The One-Eyed King may have been swallowed up by his errant Kagune, but the Ghouls and the CCG are working together to pull him out of his sleep.

Oh, and Hideyoshi Nagachika is also looking to help. Fans saw Ken's best friend finally unite with Touka after the Scarecrow had been away for some time.

When Tokyo Ghoul:re dropped its 151st chapter, fans were rather surprised to see Hide make a comeback. The character, who has been operating under the alias Scarecrow, met up with Touka atop a building overlooking Ken's rampant Kagune.

"Asleep, is he? The GSDF, the poice, the CCG, and the Ghouls. Kinda crazy if you think about it," Hide said, referring to the Ghouls and their unprecedented partnership with humanity.

As the conversation goes on, Touka convinces Hide to take off the mask he wears as Scarecrow. The character complies, but fans were not shown a glimpse of Hide's face. The assumed Ghoul hasn't shown his face since he challenged Ken to a battle, and fans are all but certain the protagonist did severe damage to Hide in the fight.

Of course, this chapter only leant to the suspicion. Whenever the character spoke, his words were shown by jagged text. The aesthetic may have been chosen to signal Hide's use of a voice box, so there is a chance Ken destroyed his friend's voice box after he blacked out during their battle.

The reunion between Touka and Hide is one which fans have been looking forward to, and the boy didn't hesitate to rib Touka about her love for Ken. Hide asked when the girl realized her real feelings for the half-Ghoul, and Touka admitted she is determined to save her husband.

"I feel like I was always getting saved by him. I hope I'll be able to save him this time," she admitted.

By the chapter's end, Touka realized her marriage with Ken may be the thing that saves him. The Ghouls and CCG are having trouble finding Ken's real body amongst his Kagune, but Touka realizes there is something on his person they can find. The girl did give Ken a wedding ring before he was overtaken, and the precious gem can lead the groups straight to Ken.

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