Tokyo Revengers Shifts Demographic as Anime Triples Sales

Tokyo Revengers has only grown more popular as the anime series helped introduce the bizarre [...]

Tokyo Revengers has only grown more popular as the anime series helped introduce the bizarre time-traveling series to a large number of new viewers, and it seems that the manga which started the franchise has decided to make some major changes to reach a broader audience. With a live-action feature-length film set to hit theaters in Japan later this summer, it's clear that the story of Takemichi Hanagaki traveling to his younger days in an attempt to stop the creation of a deadly mob is only going to reach more audiences as it moves forward, hitting new mediums.

Releasing earlier this year, Tokyo Revengers sees a young aimless twenty-something wandering through life without purpose, discovering that he has the ability to time travel following a near-death collision with a subway train. With the ability to travel to both the present and the past after making contact with the brother of his ex-girlfriend, Takemichi finds himself simultaneously attempting to stop the creation of a mob that murders his one true love while also making up for the previous mistakes he had made during his more carefree days. With the series beginning in 2017, there is still plenty of material left for the anime to cover from the manga.

Twitter User Manga Mogura RE shared the recent changes made by Tokyo Revengers when it comes to its manga, changing up the covers in order to appeal to a younger demographic rather than the older readers that were following the insane story of this new popular property:

Recently, in the anime version of the series, fans witnessed a major death that is sure to send shockwaves throughout the future of the series, proving that Tokyo Revengers certainly isn't scared to make some big changes to move its story forward.

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