Tokyo Revengers Shocks With SPOILER's Brutal Death

Tokyo Revengers shocked with a brutal death scene in the newest episode of the series! Tokyo [...]

Tokyo Revengers shocked with a brutal death scene in the newest episode of the series! Tokyo Revengers' anime made its debut a few weeks back along with the rest of the Spring 2021 anime series, and the adaptation for Ken Wakui's original manga series has been a huge hit with fans in the weeks since. It's gearing up to continue through the Summer 2021 season with its second cour, and with it comes an intense new arc as Takemichi Hanagaki is gearing up to deal with his toughest challenge yet. But the newest episode confirmed just how tough this will be.

The newest episode of the series effectively sets the stage for this next major arc, Bloody Halloween (or otherwise known as the Valhalla arc), by proving to Takemichi that while he might have returned to the best looking present time yet in the previous episode and even reunited with an older Hinata Tachibana, the journey to change the past is far from over as he witness Hinata's brutal execution right in front of him for the first time.

Episode 12 of the series picks up from the previous cliffhanger as Takemichi returned to the present day and Naoto confirmed to him that Hinata was alive. The two of them had thought that Takemichi had fixed everything thanks to saving Draken, and even his friend Akkun was in a much better place as he had become the hairstylist he had been striving to be instead of the hopeless Toman soldier who had been working for Shuji Hanma.

Even after Takemichi reunites with Hinata, and realizes that she has still been carrying feelings for them since they had broken up during their middle school days, this is all soon ripped away as he meets an adult Hanma. Quickly realizing what's going on (as Hanma remarks that he wanted to take out Takemichi at the same time as well), he arrives too late to save Hinata but is just in time to watch her die. It's revealed that Akkun was actually the one who drove a car into Hinata (killing her in the original timeline), and not only does he die as a result but Hinata as well.

She's pinned to the car thanks to the crash, and Takemichi is unable to save her. Tearfully confessing his love, Hinata pushes him away before the cars explode. Knowing that his fight in the past is far from over, Takemichi tearfully declares that he'll do everything to save Hinata. Now the fight continues through to the next arc, but what do you think now that we've finally seen how Hinata originally died? Are you ready for the next arc? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!