Here Are the Top 50 Manga of the Last Year

When it comes to manga, there are thousands upon thousands of series to check out. The medium has [...]

When it comes to manga, there are thousands upon thousands of series to check out. The medium has embraced every genre there is in the world, and while some underdogs go unnoticed, a great many hits are discovered year after year. Of course, this success is usually reflected in their sales, so it might interest you to know what the fifty highest-selling manga were in 2020.

The information has come together thanks to a final Oricon update. The Japanese publication is the go-to source for all things sales. Oricon has been tracking manga sales for years now, and the top performers last year could not hold a candle to Demon Slayer.

According to the report, Oricon tallied up a whopping 82.3 million copies for Demon Slayer. The series blew away all the competition with its over-the-top sales. As expected, Demon Slayer came out on top in 2020 given its anime's comeback and manga finale. The second-place tally pales in comparison at 8.2 million copies, but the numbers are still impressive for Kingdom.

The top ten continues to include One Piece as it tallied 7.7 copies. Haikyuu came in fourth before Jujutsu Kaisen at under 7 million copies. The rest of the list kept shape with The Promised Neverland, 5-toubun no Hanayome, My Hero Academia, SPYxFAMILY, and Attack on Titan.

Curiously, some other big-name series moved up in the ranks this past year. Fire Force neared the top ten as it landed in eleventh with 4.03 million copies. Kaguya-sama and Chainsaw Man also pushed forward in 2020 as they landed in the top twenty. However, not every series was so lucky.

Black Clover struggled a bit in manga sales despite its anime booming. The magical series landed at 28, and Dragon Ball Super came in ten spots later. The monthly series takes longer to circulate given its publishing schedule, but it still topped a million copies. Boruto didn't hit that milestone in 2020 as the Naruto sequel topped out at 813,591 copies.

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