Trigun Stampede Art Highlights Its Western Aesthetic

Earlier this year, fans were taken aback when news broke that Vash the Stampede was making a comeback. The franchise's creator and Studio Orange are coming together to reboot the Trigun IP, and obviously, fans are ready to revisit the classic. And thanks to some new concept art, fans are getting a better look at the anime's space-western aesthetic.

As you can see below, the artwork for Trigun Stampede is filled with neutral tones and brings a western set to life. An old-school bar is shown atop a desert landscape, and the arid area is filled with other clay slab buildings. Doors and windows are boarded up with haphazard planks, and of course, this piece of art highlights the town's bar.

Of course, you can bet Vash is a local at the bar, and he knows which drinks are the best. After all, the man needs to know where the best rest locations are, and there are also few places better to get intel from than a bar. Loose lips make great informants, and Vash the Stampede is always on the hunt for information in his job.

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Clearly, this concept art is gorgeous, and it shows how Studio Orange's CG art will complement the Trigun franchise. Currently, this new anime is slated to drop in 2023, and Kenji Muto will act as its director. Koji Tajima is credited as the show's concept designer as they inked the western scenery above. And when Trigun Stampede launches in 2023, fans will get to see much more of Tajime's art. 

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