Turning Red Manga Shares New Look at 4-Town Spin-Off

Pixar has become a juggernaut in the realm of animation, giving movie lovers some amazing films over the decades. With last year seeing the release of Turning Red, the movie that focused on a young girl dealing with growing up and a curse that transforms her into a giant red panda, the film is giving its musical act its own manga spin-off. 4-Town was the name of the boy band that Mei was downright obsessed with and a new preview has arrived giving manga fans an idea of what's to come in their upcoming side story.

The Turning Red movie was originally released on Disney+, skirting a theatrical release and going for a streaming release instead. The animated film received some solid reviews and was even nominated for the "Best Animated Feature Film" at the latest Academy Awards, though it was defeated by Guillermo Del Toro's Pinnochio. At present, Pixar hasn't stated whether we'll see Ming and her friends return for a potential sequel, though the fact that the world is returning via a manga means it definitely hasn't been entirely forgotten. The new manga series is set to arrive on April 25th later this month. 

Turning Red: 4-Town's Manga Debut

If you want more of a breakdown when it comes to the upcoming Turning Red manga spin-off, here's how Disney and Viz describe the story focusing on Mei's musical obsession, "4*Townies are hyped to see 4*Town performing their favorite hits live, but how will Canada's greatest boy band spend the day leading up to their epic Toronto concert? Hang with Robaire, Jesse, Tae Young, Aaron T, and Aaron Z as they enjoy a rare break in their busy schedules! Jesse and Tae Young embrace their artistic side and visit a ceramics museum, Aaron T gets his fashion on at the mall, and Aaron Z and Robaire stay in the dance studio to master their moves before the sold-out show. Only the realest fans deserve to get this up close and personal with Tween Beat Magazine's Hottest Band of the Year!"  

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