Ultraman Funko Pops Go On Sale

Ultraman has been quite the strange franchise, managing to exist in some form or fashion since its creation in 1966. Whether it be through movies, television series, merchandise, anime, or everything in between, the giant monster fighting protagonist has managed to brawl his way into the public's zeitgeist. Now, a brand new way to connect with Ultraman has appeared in the form of Funko Pops of our giant star and several of the monsters that he fights along the way. Exclusive to the retailer, Barnes & Noble, fans can now pick up their own Ultraman Funko as soon as possible.

Twitter User SerlentPops shared the news that Barnes & Noble has made available their exclusive Ultraman Funko Pops via their website, as well as in participation locations, that give you the ability to choose from a number of variations of the monster hunter as well as some of the foes he faces during his most recent adventures:

Funko Pops themselves can be pretty rare based on the property they're modeled after and Ultraman is one of those franchises that can be extremely difficult to find, with older figurines being extremely expensive.

Will you be picking up these newly released Funko Pops for Ultraman? What was your favorite iteration of the long running franchise? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Ultraman!

Recently, Ultraman made an appearance via the streaming service of Netflix with an series of his own. This new Netflix anime is based off of Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shiguchi's Ultraman manga, which is a sequel to the original 1966 Ultraman television series. The first season is currently available for streaming in both Japanese with English subtitles and English dub, and runs for 13 episodes.


The first season was popular enough to garner a second season, which is currently in the works, and Netflix officially describes Ultraman as such, "Several years have passed since the events of Ultraman, with the legendary "Giant of Light" now a memory, as it is believed he returned home after fighting the many giant aliens that invaded the Earth. Shin Hayata's son Shinjiro seems to possess a strange ability, and it is this ability, along with his father's revelation that he was Ultraman, that leads Shinjiro to battle the new aliens invading the Earth as the new Ultraman."

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