Universal Studios Releases Teasers for New Anime and 'Final Fantasy' Attractions

If you have been on the fence about visiting Japan, Universal Studios may change your vote. In a few months, the theme park will begin its Cool Japan 2018 event, and Universal Studios will host new attractions based on popular anime titles and video games.

So, you better start packing.

Earlier today, Universal Studios Japan released teasers for its slate of Cool Japan 2018 events (via ANN). The new attractions will include a Sailor Moon 4D show, but that is not all. Detective Conan will also get an escape game while Monster Hunter goes all-in with its own attraction. And, to top things off, Final Fantasy will get its own VR ride featuring Sephiroth.

As you can see above, the Detective Conan escape game will be a tense one to go through. The attraction, which is titled Zero no Prelude, will force groups of fans to disarm a (fake) bomb before their building explodes. The game will act as a prologue to Detective Conan's upcoming film Zero's Executioner which opens in April 2018. The game will focus on a new character named Touru 'Zero' Amuro, and live-action performers will dress up as the anime's characters for the attraction as well.

When it comes to Monster Hunters, the upcoming attraction is a repeat for Universal Studios Japan. 'The Real' attraction will put fans in virtual walk-throughs of the CAPCOM game, but the Final Fantasy attraction will be a bit more immersive than that. The game's attraction will put fans on a VR-simulated ride where they fly above Midgard. However, the peaceful ride will be interrupted when Sephiroth and Cloud begin to battle above the city and even through a crowd of unassuming Chocobos.


Sadly, there are no plans to export these geek-friendly rides to the US, but you have some time to plan your visit to Japan if these attractions are calling your name. The event will kick off on January 19 and end next June, so you will want to book your park tickets ASAP!

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