Crunchyroll Is Now Streaming One of Anime's Best Thrillers

When it comes to streaming anime, Crunchyroll is hard to beat. The site houses some of the biggest series in the industry, and more are coming to its service by the day. Now, a beloved classic has finally joined Crunchyroll after years of begging, so fans better get plans in to binge Paranoia Agent ASAP.

Crunchyroll confirmed its addition of Paranoia Agent just recently as the anime appeared on its U.S. catalog this week. Fans can currently watch the series with English subtitles and the original Japanese audio. Or if they prefer, the English dub is also available to subscribers.

For those unfamiliar with Paranoia Agent, you should know the 2004 anime was directed by Kon at Madhouse. The TV series debuted not long after the director released three now-iconic films, Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, and Tokyo Godfathers. With plenty of ideas left in his notebooks, Kon felt it was time to explore television as a medium and crafted Paranoia Agent with writer Seishi Minakami.

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The psychological thriller tells the story of two detectives who fall into a strange series of cases in Tokyo. After a popular artist is attacked on the street, more assaults are noted involving a young boy in skates with a golden bat. As the detectives hunt for the assailant, the case begins to take some unnerving turns, and Kon makes the chase as thrilling as it is disturbing.

If you want to know more about Paranoia Agent, you can check it out on Crunchyroll now. The show's official synopsis can be found below for extra details: "The line between belief and reality is challenged in this dark and mysterious psychological thriller where citizens across Musashino City are being assaulted and terrorized. Now, two detectives must figure out the truth about Lil' Slugger."

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